About Growing In Grace

About Us

This organization is humanitarian oriented and we desire to enlighten the local community by working together to enable children, adults and families to have access to affordable professional counseling, support groups, and other servicing that enhance mental health awareness, disabilities awareness, and empowerment through mentoring for youth and adults

Growing In Grace Counseling Group desires that the community as a whole walk the pathway of hope, love, and peace to contribute to the global goal of restoration for every person. Our desire is for each person become mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually secure by having access to various forms of counseling, support groups or resources without being denied because of limited financial resources or lack of support.

Our desire is to create a partnership that will work diligently to remove the stigma of mental health, lack of ability to cope with stress within the family and provide access to professional recovery resources within the urban community.  These stigmas hinder our community because of lack of relevant education, and not enough dialogue among the local leaders or lack of culturally based resources. The reason goes beyond what we just listed but the fact remains that we have to step things up a notch. Growing In Grace will make this pledge to step up with you. We want to enhance or contribute to your tireless work of offering support, education, and advocacy to assist someone to cope.

Our vision is to host events, plan fundraisers, host forum at local colleges, and distribute publications to bring awareness of your service to fight against the myth surrounding issues related to mental health. The great news is that our effort and services are completely free to you and the community. Growing In Grace will work side by side with you in referring the community to your services and it will be our pleasure to do so.